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      Keeling stood up."I'll tell you wot it is, then!" cried Reuben"it's bad stacking. This hay ?un't bin pr?aperly driedit's bin stacked damp, and them ricks have gone alight o' themselves, bust up from inside. It's your doing, this here is, and I'll m?ake you answer fur it, surelye."

      Chapter 13

      The land-agent was announced, and Norah left the two together. Of late years Keeling had been buying both building-sites and houses in Bracebridge, and Simpson, his agent, had been instructed to inform him of any desirable site that was coming into the market. But at the{161} moment he felt singularly little interested in any purchase that Simpson might recommend.

      Lucy was little used to the figurative language of a sailor, yet she easily interpreted his meaning; and, after much hesitation, a little blushing, many promises of amendmentand many more protestations of unchanging love, she plighted her troth, and the galleyman departed on his journey.The abbot then lowered his staff, the crosierer once more preceded him, and, followed by the monks, he proudly walked forth from the court, the people, as he passed, forming a passage, and humbly bending forward to receive his blessing.

      "Hold, minion! Cease! or you will tempt me to hang the culprit from the battlements of yonder keep, if it were only to afford news to your master. Presumptuous shaveling! know you not that the royal franchise granted to this manor empowers me to sit in judgment on my vassals, and that it is only as an act of grace that she is handed over to a jury of the county."


      A smothered sob from Isabella, now added to Mary's perplexity, her cheeks and temples became flushed, and, with a bewildered look, she saidThank you, my dear. Dont try to guess. And now Ill take you in to your mother, just to say good-night. She shant bother you. And weve got to bite on the bullet, Alice.


      "I don't think you understand."


      Now dont be mean, Miss Propert, said he.